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Thursday, September 8, 2016

I went on a photoshoot!

Hey Guys!

The other weekend I went on a photoshoot with one of my friends Sam. I needed to take head shots and body shots for auditions but I also wanted to go on locations and take some fun photos. 
Something that I have always enjoyed is taking photos, whether I am in them or taking them. 

Ever since I was a little girl I was convinced I was going to become a model and win Americas Next Top Model and learn from Tyra Banks herself. Unfortunately, I didn't grow past five foot three and a half (yes that half counts) and there was no hope of becoming a model with the minimum requirements of five foot seven. Even just the whole idea of the show really excited me! I wanted Tyra to give me a make over and I didn't care what she may have wanted to do, I just really wanted to look like a model! 

I just wanted to share a few of the photos that were taken. We decided to go with an urban vibe theme which I really like and is very much me and my style. Let me know what is your favourite photo is in the comments below! 

I'm just excited because I feel like this is another step in the right direction in the industry I want to be in. I love everything to do with performing or any artistic outlet. I am so happy with the outcome of this photoshoot and I have so many photos I may slowly release on my Instagram!



Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Plans Change

Hey Guys,

Today I thought I would do a bit of a life update, I feel like I never get to sit down and just tell you whats going on with me whether it be on youtube or on my blog. I feel like a lot has happened since I left for LA. I'm going to try break things down just so I don't completely just blab out everything and forget things or it make absolute no sense!
Georgia, Grace, Cush, Myself and Craig looking guilty

Firstly, I want to start with my career goals in life. Back in the new year I posted a video to my youtube about my 2016 goals. It's already June and I feel like it has all changed and flipped 180 degrees and my focus has completely changed. Honestly, I really didn't think I would 'find myself' as much as I did while being in the states. I feel like I became more focused on what I want to do with my life and what direction I want to go in. 
That direction is performance, I'm not narrowing it down to just dancing because acting has always been my first love. I miss being in productions, in school I was fortunate to always be in the lead cast so I had so many lines to learn and it was the best part of school. I love to sing, act and dance and I don't want to be put into one bubble. On top of that I feel like I could also study make up artistry and photography for later in life. I'm lucky in the sense that everything I want to do is in the same field. I'm tired of not feeling good enough in genres just by putting myself against and compared to others. Everyone has their own speed, their own style and their own vibe and it's something I have only just recently learnt. I have also started learning aerial silks and guitar. I am no where near pro status yet but my perseverance will hopefully pay off! Every talent counts.
This term I have started a new dance school and I couldn't be happier, more supported and healthy. For me, I am such an empathetic person so if other people are down and not into it, it makes me replicate their mood. I've found a place that everyone is so excited, happy and positive. We are all striving for the same thing and it feels so good! So right now all I can do is just train and push myself until the time is right.
As for the future, I get you can perform forever but I want a progression. I don't want to perform my entire life in the same genre or show type. I would like to have a family one day and I want a stable job progression. I want to be so successful that I can progress into a brand! In my wildest dreams I want to move through into videography and photography. I'm so interested in behind the scenes of shows and the arts that I would love to venture into that field. Also I would absolutely love it if I could start my own make up brand. The idea of having a make up line that builds into a successful business blows my mind and that would be the ultimate goal. I've already moved country before, I can do it again, I don't care where i'm living as long as I am happy. Imagine me living in LA with my family and owning my own brand. GOALS.

Youtube is becoming the biggest passion in my life. I absolutely love filming videos about make up, life and stories. I have always loved cameras because my entire life, mum and dad had cameras in my face. I loved it! I have my literal entire life in photos and film, you can definietly tell I loved the attention because all I do is talk in these videos. I feel like because my parents captured my every move, it made me so comfortable to be in front of cameras. I got in a bit of a rut with make up videos because to capture really nicely lit videos you NEED a light. This was just something I couldn't justify spending a whole bunch of money on when potentially I couldn't take the heavy light out of the country. After an afternoon of frustration my lovely mum and dad took me into the camera shop and bought me an LED lighting system. I am SO grateful, the best birthday present I could ask for. This means I can film whenever I want! I also get a really crisp light focusing on my make up application which is so satisfying. I can't wait to keep posting content that I love and spread my passion with everyone else. I love getting comments from people and talking to people all round the world.

If you haven't seen my channel the link is

As for the rest of my life at the moment I am so happy with how it is. I am so blessed to have what I have and be surrounded by good people. My 21st is coming up (which i'm going to film) and I get to spend it with people that have become my family. Craig came up with a plan that is special to me and that makes mine different, more me. If anybody knows me I never really do what everyone else does. I think about it, try to and then get so over it I end up doing the complete opposite. I don't want a big party and presents. I just want a kick back chill night with my friends and thats what is planned. I couldn't be more excited.

New Video of us going up tomorrow!!
I am especially excited for tomorrow because I have a big Colour Pop make up order coming which I will do a haul on! Tomorrow morning can't come soon enough. On top of that I have ballet, which as challenging as I find that, it gives me the test that I need.

I honestly could keep letting my mind wonder on the keyboard but I think i'll save some for another time.
Until next time (which will be sooner than the last post!)


Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Hey Guys,

Recently Craig asked me to take a bunch of photos for him to use for his social media sites, so of course I was super excited. I absolutely love photography and is a suppressed love of mine. By suppressed I mean, it kind of took a back to seat to everything else I was doing. I love having a vision, transferring the vision through the lens and putting them on the screen ready to edit. I love adjusting all the colours and creating a vibe that fits the photo.

For this particular photoshoot we went with a really chill vibe up in the hills, which I really liked. It was different because I've done grungy kind of photoshoots for my art folios but this was different and there is a sense of 'freeness' up in the hills, looking down on the city. I never really realized how hard it is to capture just how beautiful it is up there but thats because the lens just isn't enough to capture its beauty. It always looks better staring at the scenery than in photos but I think thats what keeps you coming back. 

It was SOOOOO cold up there too! It is winter here and going up into the hills is the coldest thing, I couldn't feel my fingers by the end of it! 

I really hope I captured everything that he wanted and that he is pleased with the outcome!

I am in love with all of these photos and it is so hard to pick a few to put up here without overloading on all the frames.

Check out Craigs youtube channel where you can find him and all his other social media!


Thursday, May 12, 2016

San Francisco

Hi Guys!
Currently I am writing this blog post on the plane...weird. I have never experienced free wifi on a plane before but it's amazing, completely life changing. It means that I can update my travels while i'm stuck on a plane. 

If you haven't heard from my youtube channel, I am currently traveling through cities in the USA. I have spent the last two weeks in LA taking dance classes, sight seeing and performing with DISNEY. That was surreal but I want to make a video about my entire journey in California and of course the performing I did so look out for that post still to come. 

What a journey San Fran has been, it is such a beautiful city full of architecture. We walked right from the city all the way to the coast by the famous golden gate bridge. We got to experience every type of life and it was eye opening. All the cool boutique shops on one of the main streets was a really good way to shop. Clothing and jewelry pieces that aren't as common as high street shops, you find some real gems. I can't wait to do a haul video of all the clothes and make up I have found. When we arrived at the coast we climbed up the hills to see all the look outs. This was absolutely beautiful, stunning and breathe taking. I really wasn't expecting just how pretty the look outs were. I was skeptical about climbing the hills because it was such a long walk and walking for hours to get to the beach felt like enough. I strongly recommend you do this walk, even if you feel so tired it is 100% worth it. You could set aside hours to take really artistic photos up in the hills because there are so many look out points with very different views. The photo above of me is my favourite photo we took in San Francisco, I just look so free and happy. Not a care in the world.

Alcatraz was definietly the best part of the trip for me, there was something about all the history and vibes that really intrigued me! We spent a few hours on the island and heard stories from the employees and it was just so interesting. The feeling you get when you walk into the prison is so strange. We did the walking tour with the audio through headphones, I didn't really want to listen and just wander but i'm so glad I did. They have old prisoners who are still alive today talking about their experiences and commentating on what you are looking at, they basically guide you round the entire prison. The view from outside the prison walls is amazing, looking out to the city. Inside the prison walls you can only imagine how bad it was. I love seeing history and old broken down buildings, this really lived up to my expectation!

San Francisco is such a beautiful place and has a really cool atmosphere about it. Although we only had a few days here it really was an experience to remember. If you've been to San Fran or Alcatraz comment below and tell me your experience, i'd love to hear what you thought!


Friday, April 8, 2016

Cheese Plaits!

Hey Guys!

I made really cheesy plaits with Craig, I was so proud I had to share! The recipe was originally for cheese straws, essentially these are just cheese straws. We had the genius idea to just plait them and make them look more professional. They tasted amazing and were so good for a snack or part of a lunch. I love cooking so much and doing it with someone who is also as creative as you makes it that much better.

How good do they look???

Recipe based off:
- 375g Plain Flour
- Pinch of Salt
- 150g Cheddar (We used 200g)
- Parmesan 50g (We didn't have any!)
- Mustard powder (we didn't have either!)
- Pinch of Cayenne pepper (we just used pepper to taste)
- 2 yolks

Combine the salt and flour, rub butter into this and it should create a breadcrumb looking consistency. Add the rest of the ingredients and then add 4-5tbs of water once all mixed in to form a dough. The recipe suggests you chill your dough for 30 minutes although we chilled the dough for about one hour.
After your dough is chilled you can roll into straws or use it as play dough to create whatever you would like, we went for plaits.
Fan bake at 190 degrees celsius for about 15 minutes or until needed.

Looking at these photos really makes me want to make these again! Anything really cheesy is right up my street so I think these will defiantly be re appearing in my kitchen soon!

Please show me or tag me in any photos so I can see if you try recreate these :)



Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Colour Pop Cosmetics - Liquid Lipstick

Hey Guys,
Recently I have gone Colour Pop CRAZY. I am becoming more and more obsessed with this brand as time goes on.


The latest lip product Colour Pop has released and I'm just as obsessed as the first lip product I ever tried from them. These satin lips were only released a short while ago and I remember getting an email and pouncing on them! I managed to get five shades. To be honest I wasn't even really looking properly at the colours I got but I knew I wanted to try these!

The colours I managed to get were:
Echo Park
Frick n Frack
London Fog
Lyin' King

L - R Echo Park, Frick n Frack, London Fog, Lost and Lyin' king

The formula of these are your more generic liquid lipstick in the way that they are thicker than the ultra mattes. They feel slightly tacky on the lips but I find it is extremely comfortable to wear all day. As for transfer, they go on smoothly and dry just enough. They are definietly not matte but it's a good comfy in between if you find mattes too drying for you. I have been trying these out for a few days now and have come to know these super well. While eating and drinking, they will 100% transfer on to what you are having but this is because they are a satin finish, so this is to be some what expected. The thing I was impressed with was the colour manages to stay on your lips and slowly fade nicely, instead of completely coming off on your glass or food.
Overall I reckon you should try these if you can't get along with matte lips or you want to try something in between! Such a good product and colour range!


I am going to start off the matte lips on a very high note. I LOVE THESE. I am someone who could never wear matte lipstick because I found them way to drying, so when I heard about these I was so curious. It took me a while to order these because I had heard such mixed reviews. Eventually I decided to just order and try for myself. I am SO glad I ordered them! 

The colours I have are:
Bad Habit
Lumiere 2

L - R Bad Habit, Beeper, Lumiere 2, Solow, Stingraye, Tulle

These are super matte but they do not feel uncomfortable at all. I usually can't stand matte but these feel like water when you apply them and dry with an almost powdered texture. They do not transfer or budge at all, not even if you gave someone a kiss on the cheek. My favourite thing about these liquid lipsticks though is the how they wear off. When they finally start to fade, its super gradual and discreet. You don't get gross lines or anything nasty like that.

I am so obsessed with Colour Pop and I can't wait to look into their eyeshadows and highlights, that is my next purchase I have lined up!

If you guys have tried these let me know in the comments and tell me what you thought of them!



Friday, March 11, 2016

Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Shade 22

Hey Guys!

So I bought another Kylie Jenner Lip Kit and I absolutely love it. The shade I bought was the new release colour '22' and it swatched a burnt red/orange shade which is absolutely BEAUTIFUL.
On my Youtube channel I did a review of the lip colour including swatches and my overall thoughts. So check that out below for a talky, swatchey video and a review of these products after having them for a while!
This lip kit has my exact same review as the other lip kits, they are incredible. They are all I have been wearing and will continue to wear. My one thing I noticed was the scent isn't as strong which I think was a good move! It isn't so over powering. If anyone is looking for a perfect liquid lipstick, look no further. These are life changing.

For a full review on the formulation and product :


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